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Crafting effective form screens
Crafting effective form screens

Designing intuitive and efficient form screens is crucial in workflow automation, ensuring a smooth experience for end-users

Written by Kirill Zakharov
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Tips for Effective Screen Design

Keep form screens small and focused. Avoid overwhelming users with too many fields on one screen. Separate required fields from optional ones to create a clear pathway for completion.

By following these guidelines, you can create a structured and user-friendly workflow that guides users through each step of the process with ease.

Starting with Basic Information

  • Form Inputs: Choose from various form elements like paragraphs, single lines, multi-lines and more to capture the information you need.

  • Labels: Clearly label each form field to guide users on the information required.

  • Mandatory Fields: Mark fields as 'Required' to ensure users do not miss essential information.

Customizing Form Elements

  • Tips: Add short tips to form elements to provide users with guidance or additional information about the data expected.

  • Field Placement: Drag and drop fields to arrange them in a logical order that follows the natural flow of information entry.

Organizing the Workflow Steps

  • Step Overview: Visualize the workflow steps in a sequence, ensuring each step is clearly defined.

  • Screen Assignments: Assign form screens to each step, such as 'Basic Info', 'Screening', 'Interview', and 'Onboarding', to keep the process organized.

Saving and Previewing Work

  • Save Progress: Regularly save your work to prevent any loss of data.

  • Preview: Use the preview function to test the workflow's usability and ensure all form elements function as intended.


Q: How can I ensure users don’t skip important fields?

A: Use the 'Required field' checkbox to make sure essential fields are filled out before users can proceed.

Q: Can I rearrange the form fields after I’ve added them?

A: Yes, you can drag and drop fields to rearrange them at any stage of the design process.

Q: What’s the best way to guide users through a form?

A: Providing clear labels and adding short tips can help guide users effectively through a form.

Q: How many screens can I add to a single step in the workflow?

A: You can add as many screens as necessary to cover all aspects of a step within the workflow.

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